Company of the Bloody Boulder

The Bloodhorn Blade

After a flash of dark-light Eglath, Vengorax, and Max found the remaining members of the party horribly wounded and unconscious on the floor, surrounded by gnoll and hyena corpses. Max quickly went to Keira to see if she had been taken by his queen or not while Vengorax went to lay hands on Nemus. Luck was with them this day as the Lady of Fate decided it was not their time.

When all were healed they began searching the rooms. Inside they found some gold and dice being used in a game of chance before the battle started and a black cloak of resistance. Under the huntmaster’s bed Keira found a small bag containing some gold and a beautiful topaz. With nothing of value left in the rooms they continued on and found themselves in a hallway containing many doors and a trail of blood flowing from one closed door, down the hall, and leading into another closed door.

As they came close to one of the doors, three spirits appeared before them. They introduced themselves as Valdrog the Brute, a human cleric of almighty Kord; Sir Terris, a dwarven paladin of eternal Pelor; and Memdara the Mystic, an elven mage. The spirits tested the company but after a long conversation and many feats of physical and mental prowess, the spirits found the heroes unworthy and mocked them as they faded away revealing very little to the adventurers.

The company began to explore the area, first finding a room with an alter to Baphomet and a trail of blood coming from the alter and out of the door. They also found a set of runes in a circle similar to the description given to them by the three spirits. Continuing on they found in another room skid marks running across the floor. In another room they found skeletons chained to the walls, not taking any chances they group bashed the skeletons into dust. In this room they found another circle leaving only two left. They then went into a room with four pools of colored liquid; one green, another red, a third blue, and finally a yellow pool, including the third circle. Max being undead and immune to poison tested the liquids finding one to be a poison and another to have no affect and a third to taste like a very sweet water, after this they decided to continue on. The fifth room they entered was filled with six statues and the final circle. Two of the six statues were destroyed while the other four were still in good condition. They then went down the hallway leading south of the room and entered a large room filled with what looked like two pools of blood and large minotaur statues.

To their surprise they blood was still in a liquid state. As they looked to the other end of the room they found on raised dais the hilt and the blade of the bloodhorn blade, this had to be the Hall of the Crimson Whip. Eglath never being the patient kind charged down into the blood towards the blade. After drinking in some of the blood Eglath quickly realized that the blood was poisonous and informed the others, but in the middle of doing this an evistro rose out of the blood and clawed into the goliath. Vengorax, Splug, and Max charged the evistro while Keira attacked from on top of the platform. Amber and Nemus took the opportunity to get the blade and hilt. Things did not go as planned. The group quickly took down the evistro and Eglath and Amber were able to get onto the center platform, but when they stepped on it the two statues came alive and began swinging their giant flails.

The first statue’s swing missed Amber but hit both Eglath and Keira. Eglath was knocked into the blood while Keira was knocked into the wall behind her, knocking her unconscious. A second evistro rose from the blood and attacked the prone Eglath. By this time Vengorax and Nemus were able to get to the first statue and began their attempt to deactivate it. After that failed they simply went with the old fashioned way and began attacking the controls. Splug and the Fluffy, his pet dire wolf, went outside the doorway with Keira and began attacking the machines from the safety of the hallway with their ranged weapons. Max and Amber went after the weapon pieces and after many trials finally were able to secure them. Eglath, with the help of the mysterious raven, finished off the remaining evistros.

After cleaning off the poisonous blood and some healing from Nemus, they went back to the room with the pools. Keira began loading up some water skins with the poison for their friend Morlax and Eglath began drinking large amounts of the blue sweet liquid. The blue liquid then began to move at the same time Eglath’s stomach became very upset. The blue liquid began to form and revealed itself to be a water elemental and quickly attacked Eglath in retaliation for him drinking a large portion of itself.

Being in its weakened state it did not last long in the onslaught from the company, but the company did not have an easy fight. The elemental quickly launched Eglath and Nemus into the green pool. Max attempted to charge it but was knocked into the wall. Max then took out Shivu who was more than happy to take down the vile element. Shivu used her special abilities and froze the elemental temporarily but it was just enough time for the group to get the upper hand and destroy it. After some healing the group then decided to head to the room to the east.


Fixed some spelling errors, added some commas and semi-colons, but I didn’t have to fix the tense once! Too bad you’re quitting and making me write the stories just when you are getting better lol

The Bloodhorn Blade

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