Fighter from Nenlast


Amber Hawke is twenty years old, stands 5’6” ,and is a muscular 210 lbs. She has almond shaped brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, and unkempt shoulder length curly black hair. She doesn’t really like to fix herself up, but wears a single silver earring. Her favorite accessories are her long sword, Vengeance and short sword, Retribution.


Amber grew up in the village of Nenlast. She is the only girl amongst her eight siblings. One of them is her fraternal twin, Aurum. She doesn’t really like to talk about her past, and will only say that she left home at fifteen due to some family drama before becoming a mercenary, and later part of a band of adventurers whose goal was to defeat a necromancer causing an undead plague in Mistwatch. After learning that members of the band were actually working with the necromancer, Amber left them and joined the Company of the Bloody Boulder after they saved the day.


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