Company of the Bloody Boulder

The Previous Adventures


The Company of the Bloody Boulder was founded by a group of 5 adventures: Alclave a dragonborn swordmage, Keira a human rogue, Maxamilian a dragonborn revenant avenger of the Raven Queen, Mikal a half-elf bard, and Sorashana a kalashtar psion. They joined forces in the town of Fallcrest to clean out the kobold infestation in Kobold Hall. After their success, they were offered a job to find a dragonologist by the name of Douven Stahl. They then set out for Winterhaven to find him. In Winterhaven they meet up with Xeria, a shifter cleric of the Raven Queen. They eventually find Douven but at the cost of Al’s and Sora’s lives. They were able to revive Sora but in a moment of confusion she accidentally destroyed the mind of the cleric that had healed her. The company realized that the closest cleric was in Fallcrest they head back with Douven in tow. When the company returned to Fallcrest, they found a cleric of Corelleon that would raise Al.

While waiting for him to be raised they were introduces to Keira’s employer Taros Melson and he sent them into the catacombs to exterminate the undead in one of the crypt areas. To get this done they convinces a gnome mage named Puck to accompany them. Unfortunately for the group they found an item called the Bone of Vecna. The Bone was focus used by Vecna to possess a person. The group did not find this out until later. After Al was revived they headed back to Winterhaven and took on the quest to seal the open portal to the shadowfell in a keep that was close by. As they got to the Ritual chamber that was being used by Kalarel, they find that it is a warzone. Their sidetrek to Fallcrest had made them too late. Kalarel had opened the portal and now the servants of Orcus and the Raven Queen were battling for control of the portal. The company arrived right as Kalarel was backing out of the room as he was trying to escape. Max and Al combined both of their breath weapons and killed Kalarel. The company then jumped into the free-for-all and assisted the servants of the Raven Queen to defeat the invading army of Orcus.

When the company returned to Winterhaven, Max had a temple built to the Raven Queen in dedication to their victory. The holy alter was brought by none other than Clarana, the Tiefling Chosen of the Raven Queen. Clarana also gave them the task to perform. They were sent to attack a group of cultists that were trying to resurrect the dead god Nurill. They were able to stop the ritual in time and prevent the sacrifice of a young boy who would be known as Nemus in a later time.

The Company meets a runner from Yevn Raeach. The runner tells them about the white dragon Khekolak attacking them from an abandoned keep. The companions attacked the dragon and defeated him and his minions. The company stayed a short while in the town to train a militia and when finished returned to Winterhaven.

Back in Winterhaven Max and Xeria start a bank as Keira, Sora, Mikal, and Al returned to Fallcrest. Nemus was sent to the temple of the Raven Queen near Winterhaven to be educated and tended to. In Fallcrest, Keira, being possessed by the bone of Vecna, pickpockets the bone onto Sora. Vecna then convinces Sora to join his cause will the price of Sora becoming the new goddess of the realm of dreams. Al reports to Allande, his commander, about all the happenings of the company. Max and Xeria meet Boran Hammersmith a trader from far away Hammerfast. He offers them a position in his caravan as guards. After getting their affairs in order in Winterhaven, Max and Xeria head off to Fallcrest. On their way there, they are attacked by a group of gnolls. Max and co. defeats them sparing the life of one of them. The gnoll see Xeria as her alpha and gladly follows her orders of returning to one of the companies bases new Winterhaven. When the caravan arrives in Fallcrest, Mikal and Keira join Max and Xeria as they head to their next destination of Winterbole to trade with the barbarians.

The caravan arrives at the barbarian lands and saves a group of hunters from an owlbear attack. They found an egg in the owlbears’ cave and store it in the bag of holding. Dumador Mythsmith decides to stay with the company as the caravan heads back to Hammerfast. The Tribe of the Raven is then attacked by a beholder. The company was able to defeat it with the timely arrival of Al, Puck, and Sora. They searched the area and found a cave they believed was belonging to the beholder and began exploring it. The company stumbled on another group of adventures who were being attacked by a purple dragon and his kobold and goblin minions. The other group is decimated except for Merc, a warforged fighter. The company also suffered a loss, Sora was killed in the battle but when the fighting stopped she rose again up again laughing maniacally and teleports away. The group continues on and finds a deepspawn, after a tough battle they are able to defeat it and find an entrance to the underdark shallows.

After a long discussion the company, with Merc as their newest member, decides to head into the shallows. They build up their supplies in Nenlast and then heads out. After only two days in the shallows the company is attacked by a black pudding. To defeat it quickly Al uses his breath weapon to blow it up. This causes a cave in and almost kills the party. Alas poor Dumador was not so lucky, as Max was digging through the rubble he felt a “squish” and simple said “Ew, dwarf.” The remains of Dumador were buried and the party tried to rest after all the rest were dug out. The luck of Avandra was not on their side as they were attacked, the battle was long and difficult for the exhausted and beat-up party but they were able to defeat their attackers. Then Sora now the avatar of Vecna, thanks to the bone and the deal made between them, showed up and activated the suppressed vampire genes of Xeria. With Sora-Vecna’s power over undeath she was able to spread vampirism through the party transforming all but Keira, Max, and Merc. Mikal was the only lucky one of the group transformed, for all his years of service to Corelleon his body was vaporized and his soul ascended to Arvandor. As his final gift, Corelleon, teleported Mikals’ only surviving friends to Winterhaven. Max fell into a catatonic state in self-pity over his failure and Keira and Merc head off to Fallcrest. The Company of the Bloody Boulder was disbanded.

Almost two years later. Keira is search for Max since he left walking and was never heard from again. On one of these expeditions she was hired as a guard for a dwarven trader by the name of Traevus. On route to Fallcrest they were attacked by goblins and a small box stolen by a necromancer by the name of Malareth. While Keira was easily able to dispatch the weak golbins she realized that she might not be able to take their base by herself and headed to Fallcrest to gather some allies to raid the goblinoid base. She met two young men a shadar-kai assassin by the name of Morlax and a dragonborn paladin named Vengorax. They entered the lair and soon discovered that the cave was a temple to Baphomet from the ancient Minotaur kingdom that once ruled the Nentir Vale. Morlax easily strangled Malareth to death while the other two killed his undead minions. The box was lying open and inside was a black skull that was being used as a focus for necrotic magic. Before the party left they stumbled on a quartet of shrines dedicated to Bahamet, Erathis, Moradin, and Pelor. The only problem was that a fledgling white dragon was using it as a lair. Unfortunately negotiations failed and they were attacked, fortunately though Morlax was able to shadow jaunt onto the dragons back and strangle him to death with a ten foot chain he had randomly found in the dungeon.

When they got back to Fallcrest they confront Traevus about the skull and he informed them that he was on his way to the Keep on the Shadowfell to have it destroyed by some high priests of Pelor. The group escorted him to Winterhaven were they were able to get some help from Valthrun who offered the assistance of his young apprentice Libra Omegus a young male human mage, who was in fact a female changeling. They also meet up with Clarana at the temple to the Raven Queen who decided she would join them as she was also searching for Max. They arrived at the Keep and went down to the ritual chamber used by Kalarel. They were confronted by two black robed figures who revealed themselves as Sora-Vecna and Mab’rauk. Traevus gave them the skull and when Clarana tried to stop them Mab’rauk killed her with a single thrust of his blade. Sora-Vecna tells Keira where to find Max. Then all three of them escaped through the portal to the shadowfell. As Morlax holds the body of Clarana she turns into many black raven feathers.

The party went back to the temple to inform them of the loss of Clarana. Nemus decides to join them in their quest for Max and they headed off towards Fallcrest to begin their search. As dusk began to set in fog rolled across the road and they discovered that they had wandered onto the endless road. After many days walking they discovered a tower that housed temples similar to the ones form the Minotaur ruins. While watching the horses Vengorax hears a goblin talking to a grave. Vengorax was slightly confused with this as the goblin kept trying to tell the corpse that it was time to go and find the others. At this point, the goblin and Vengorax were attacked and being unable to let the goblin die the thing in the grave came out and killed the attackers. The undead creature identified himself as Max and the goblin as Splug. They others arrived and Morlax told Max about the happenings in Mistwatch. They party agreed to remove the problems of Mistwatch head out and discovered the next morning that they were back on the prime material plane. Max then discovered that his bag of holding was stolen but it was too late to go back and get it. The Company of the Bloody Boulder was reformed.

When they arrived at Mistwatch, Morlax disappeared. They eventually found a shanty pub name The Sink and met a group of adventurers who were also trying to find a cure for the plague and undead problem. The adventuring party informed them that they believed it was a necromancer that was causing all the problems. Under that assumption, the next day the party went searching for a necromancer. One of the adventures a goliath blackguard of the Raven Queen by the name of Eglath went with them. The company eventually got separated and Max ended up alone in the middle of the docks surrounded by the sounds of moaning undead when all of a sudden he was attack from behind by an attack that would have killed a living person. Before he went down he got a good look at the attacker it was the mage of the adventuring party.

When Max was found he was stripped of all his weapons by the party’s thief. Max and co. went to back to The Sink to confront the other adventuring band when none other them Mab’rauk and his apprentice (the mage from the other adventuring party) walked through the door. A heated battle enfolded that almost destroyed the pub but after Mab’rauk’s apprentice was slain by Splug he escaped laughing at the company. By this time the leader of the other party arrived to help save the pub only to find his mage shanked. Max and he came to terms as he revealed that his band was members of the Disciples of Vengeance.

The next morning the company set out for the docks were they met Captain Cara who was trying to handle a mutiny at the same time an attack was happening by a horde of zombies. The company saved her but the ship was lost in repayment she told them some important information about the lord of the village Cadmus Zaspar. They head out to the home of the midwife that delivered Zaspar’s baby who had gone insane shortly afterwards. At her home they were attacked by an insane cleric of the Chained God and after he was defeated they were escorted to Lord Zaspar himself. He thanked the company for their hard work and the removal of the horrible sect from his village. Then he asked them to kill the Shadar-kai that was keeping the fair citizen of his village from fleeing. Though they did not believe him they went out to find a way to defeat this man. Father Tomas, the locale priest, was the solution. He took them down to the crypt of the first Lord Zaspar and found his Sunsword.

The company then went back to Lord Zaspar and demanded his surrender. Lord Zaspar laughed at them then summoned a dozen guards to attack while he threw spells at the adventures. Morlax snuck up behind Zaspar but was unable to garrote him. When the company was beginning to gain the upperhand some of the guards began to run at this point Mab’rauk step out of a trap door and killed the cowards. Zaspar tried to dominate Max but fumbled a word and instead the spell backfired and he became a vegtable as he dominated himself. With Zaspar useless Mab’rauk summoned the baby that looked like a 5 year old kid and teleported away. Out of mercy Morlax strangled Lord Zaspar to death while Vengorax and the other finished off the remaining guards. At this point the other guards tried to break though the sealed doors and Li quickly transformed into Lord Zaspar. When the guards finally get the doors open Li, as Zaspar, informed them that the guards tried to assassinate him and that the company had saved his life (the corpes of the real Zaspar was quickly removed). Li, now the new Lord Zaspar, along with the rest of the company spent the next three months rebuilding Mistwatch.



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