Company of the Bloody Boulder

Riddle of the Well

As the Company arrives at the southern door of the Horned Hold they are greeted by an Imp. “You are expected,” the Imp tells them, “Come with me.” The group follows the vile devil into a chamber filled with duergar and devils.

“Greetings,” a large and powerful duergar says to the adventurers. Two devils flank him on either side. “My name is Murkelmor and a mutual acquaintance has informed me of your coming. My lord has a proposition for you. I know you have come for the slaves and my lord is willing to have me sell them to you. My price is simple. I need you to go to the Well of Demons and eradicate the abominations there.”

“And who is this lord of yours that wishes us to do this and why?” Max asks Murkelmor. Murkelmor shows him his ring, on it is a red background inlaid with silver in the shape of an upside down triangle over a nonagon. Inside the triangle is a black upside down isosceles triangle with two upside down black obtuse triangles trailing down from the top one; the holy symbol of Asmodeus.

“The Chosen of Yeenoghu is trying to release him into this plane of existence. My lord does not wish this to happen and a few slaves are a small price to pay to have you get this done. Your choices are simple, either kill the demon worshipers and get the slaves as payment or we kill the slaves out of spite and after you have watched the last one die, then we will kill you. As you can see it is a simple choice. Plus at least devils have a since of order, demons are far too chaotic.”

Max looks over at Vengorax and whispers, “What do you think? I have no issues ridding the world of these demon worshiper,s especially if they are trying to bring a demon lord into the Vale. Plus when we are done we will just come back later after the captives are safe and kill all of these devil cultists.”

“Let’s do it,” Vengorax whispers his reply to Max. “Like you said we will save the Vale first and then we will bring these evil criminals to justice.” Vengorax looks to Murkelmor, “Fine show us where the Well of Demons is and when we come back you better have the captives ready and safe.”

“Of course,” Murkelmor replies, “the imp will guide you to the Well. Good Luck.”

The imp leads the party to the Well and leaves as soon as they arrive. When they enter the first room the columns beginn to speak to the group:

Greeting, seekers of Baphomet’s boundless glory.
Those who prove unworthy of his attention
Shall be claimed forever as his slaves.
Those who prove worthy
Shall be granted power beyond mortal reckoning.
Mask, bell, blade, and tome

Amber and Max then see movement around the columns as they are attacked by a ghoul and two chokers. Keira charges the choker on the right while Vengorax charges the one on the left. Splug on his dire wolf flanks the choker next to Keira. Then the ground rumbles as tentacles come out of the ground and attack Keira, though with her agility she was able to dodge out of the way. Max and Eglath attack the tentacled creature while Nemus and Amber attack the chokers and the Ghoul. Vengorax is able to finish his choker off quickly but the one near Splug quickly grabs hold of him and is able to use him as a body shield. Vengorax then turns and charges the ghoul, but is not quick enough to prevent it from immobilizing and then stunning Amber. With a prayer to the Platinum Dragon and his trusty sun sword Vengorax discorporates the ghoul, freeing Amber from its grasp.

Calling on the power of the Raven Queen, Eglath uses his necrotic attacks to weaken and then kill the tentacled creature. Max used this opportunity to kill the choker that had clung to Splug while it was distracted by the dire wolf.

The party then proceeds down the hall and turns into another room that is filled with a caged dire boar and four hyenas. On the other end of the room is a mass of hay bushels with gnolls behind it. Eglath charges the gnolls but while jumping over the hay he over shoots and slams face first into the stone floor on the other side. Vengorax follows suit and charges into the room planning to jump on the hay and blast the gnolls with his breath weapon, but trips and slams into the hay itself. The impact knocks his breath out, including the breath weapon. The lightning sparks the hay, igniting it. Amber, Keira, Nemus, and Splug attack the hyenas and Max charges into the gnolls (the only one successful enough to jump over the burning hay). Vengorax gets up and charges through the burning hay and attacks the gnolls as Eglath gets up, and starts carving them into bite size pieces with his great axe. The battle is quickly won on both ends of the burning hay but the smoke is starting to get to them and the two parties escape the room through the two doors next to them. Keira recognizes the dire boar as the pet of one of the people she promised to help and takes it with her.

Max, Vengorax, and Eglath find themselves in a shrine to Baphomet. In the priest quarters they find a gnoll demonic scourge and with overwhelming force take him down within a minute but not quietly enough that the two tiefling darkblades do not hear the battle. With poisoned short swords they assault the group as a barlgura demon follows on their heels. Eglath, with the help of the raven, is able to banish the barlgura into the abyss as Max and Vengorax annihilate the tieflings. The three holy men then take it upon themselves to destroy the shrine to Baphomet. On the shrine they find a book by the name of The Book of Wrath Unveiled. They guess that this might be the tome mentiond when they entered the Well and decide to take it. As they destroy the shrine another barlgura attacks them from behind. Though it stands no chance against them and is quickly sent back to the abyss.

Seeing an opportunity Demogorgon sends an emissary to assist the holy men for a price. The quasit offers to answer any three questions for a small amount of life force. Max asks for the location of the bell, mask, and blade. The quasit answers, “The Hall of Howling Pillars, the Hall of Enforced Introspection, and the Hall of the Crimson Whip, respectfully.” Then after taking the life force from the three companions it disappears back into the abyss.

Keira, Nemus, Amber, and Splug move north from the hall into the pen for the hyenas that attack them on sight, followed quickly by three gnolls. The battle starts off well for the group as Splug and Amber quickly finish off two of the four hyenas, then Keira takes down one of the three gnolls. Unfortunately Avandra is not with them as the remaining gnolls and hyenas hit them hard. Nemus is able to take down one of the last remaining hyenas but as he slices it in two with his scythe a gnoll comes in from behind and sticks him in the back with his spear, piercing his body. All seems lost to the group until a shadowy energy envelopes the gnoll and his remaining allies, sucking the life from their bodies and channeling it into the party. Nemus’ divine patron saves them.


Sounds like a fun little adventure :D As usual I did some minor grammar and spelling fixes but didn’t make any major changes.
Can’t wait to be back this Saturday!

Riddle of the Well

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