Company of the Bloody Boulder

Fall of the Bloodreavers

With only two rooms left Keira snuck up to the room right next to the large chamber. Unfortunately, she tripped and banged into the door blowing their stealth. A large hobgoblin opened the door to find her and Amber standing in the doorway. After a couple of seconds confusion Keira attacked the large hobgoblin with Amber quickly attacking from the side. Splug quickly realized that if there was one secret passage into the large chamber there might be another one from the chamber into this room. The rest of the group searched the chamber, and Max was able to find the trap door with Vengorax’ help. They snuck into the room via the secret passage and took two goblins hiding in the back by surprise. Vengorax, Splug, and Eglath quickly took out one of the goblins as Max and Nemus attacked the second one. As enemies came from the rear one of the three hobgoblins charged Vengorax, but his flail simply scraped across Vengorax’ shield.

Keira and Amber were able to dispatch the hobgoblin in front of the door and move in to attack a human and a third hobgoblin that were standing near the door ready for that moment. Max and Eglath charged into the main room, Eglath attacked the last human standing between the two tables as Max attacked the human next to Keira and Amber. This human was no match for Max’ and Amber’s power and quickly fell to them.

The hobgoblin that was attacking Vengorax was knocked to the ground as the goblin killed by Eglath rose up as a zombie from the necrotic energy used by Eglath’s attack. Vengorax and the hobgoblin quickly destroyed the zombie as Nemus and Splug finished off the last remaining goblin. Keira and Amber attacked the hobgoblin, and after a few rounds of back and forth, were able to dispatch him as Vengorax, Splug, and Nemus finished off the others, leaving only a lowly human at the mercy of Eglath and Max. The two flanked him, sliced the life out of him, and ended the Bloodreavers once and for all.

With knowledge of the duergar purchase of the slaves they headed back to the Hall and the inn to recuperate and investigate. While back at the inn Rendil, the Halfling they saved from the slavers, came to them with news that, “The duergar of Clan Grimmerzhul bought a lot of provisions from Dreskin. The duergar have a trading post here in the Hall, but rumor has it that they have a fortress somewhere deeper in the Labyrinth.”

Keira then suggested that she and Splug do some digging while Eglath and Max cause a diversion. Eglath easily caused a scene big enough to bring a large crowd that made Keira and Splug invisible. Later that night Keira returned to the inn with news that the local trades alliance would very much like to see Clan Grimmerzhul removed as competition, and they would unofficially assist and award the adventurers if they could make this happen.

In the morning the companions went to the Grimmerzhul Trading Post to discover the location of the slaves. Keira tried to convince them that they were trying to purchase building material, i.e. slaves, for there benefactors. Kedhira, the duergar’s leader, was not fooled by Keira’s bluff, due to the paladin of Bahamet in the same group as her, but played along and had them join there supply train to their fortress. Along the way, Kedhira ordered her solders to attack the party. The Company was not surprised by this turn of events, and through the might of their teamwork was able to defeat the duergar. Unfortunately for them the supplies were taken by another group of duergar during the battle and they were only able to follow the tracks up a major trade junction where the tracks were confused.

The Company returned to the Trading Post, and after searching the building found a map to the Horned Hold, the fortress of the clan, and a small arcane circle. Max and Vengorax were able to figure out that it was a trans-planar communications circle. Max used the circle to contact the Raven Queen and a large, dark, shadowy figure appeared in the circle telling Max that he needed to kill all those in the Hold. Believing that this creature was a sorrowsworn working for the Lady of Fate, he took what it said as the will of fate and swore to see them all fall at his blade. While Max was communicating with the dark figure Amber studied the map and figured out the way to not only the north but also the south entrance to the hold. Armed with that knowledge the party headed out to tackle the Horned Hold.


Amber has reached level 2! Pick a feat and utility for her. All other xp has been posted in the Wiki.

Fall of the Bloodreavers

holy sheep! I finally have interwebs! Just for a bit, though. I’ll edit this post really quick.

I might have to see your books before I can pick a feat and utility. All I see when I google fighter 4e is a whole lot of complaining.

Anyway, this sounds like a fun run :D Wish I could have been there. Miss all ya’ll. I think I may be going through gaming withdrawals. twitch

Fall of the Bloodreavers

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