Company of the Bloody Boulder

Assault on the Chamber of Eyes

After the battle with the gelatinous cube, the company was able to find the dwarven runes that lead them back on the trail to the Chamber of Eyes. They arrived in a hallway that ended at a balcony. To their left was a door flanked by two demon statues. The door itself had the image of a beholder on it. Beyond the door they heard the sound of two goblins talking to each other. Luckily they had Splug to translate their conversation and found that they were on guard duty and quite stupid. Keira was able to find a door at the end of the balcony while searching the area. They agreed to split the party into two; the noisy armored group would stay at the door while those that could sneak in quietly would attack from the balcony.

The plan did not go as expected, Splug made a noise while sneaking down the stairs into the goblin barracks, spooking the goblin guarding them. He fired a crossbow at Splug but missed and only hit the wall behind him. Splug threw a dagger that imbedded itself into the goblin. At this point Keira came in and stuck two daggers into the same goblin but he seemed to be made of stronger stuff than your average goblin. Max then came in charging the hardy goblin and was able to show him what the inside of a goblin looked like.

The noise from the other room had reached the group at the door. Eglath decided to open the door his own personal way, damaging it in the process. The goblin on the other end of the door was scared stiff giving Eglath the much needed time to take a swing at him. Nemus then used the powers of the shadow to weaken the goblin as Amber took a swing at the stiff goblin and Vengorax attacked the second goblin in the hallway.

By now the hobgoblin sleeping in the room that Keira, Max, and Splug were in woke with a start, and after a second of confusion attacked Max -missing by mere inches. Keira then sent a dagger into the head of the goblin at the end of the stairs, finishing him off. Max then used the powers of his goddess and grabbed hold of the hobgoblin and smashed him into the wall. Seeing an opportunity Splug ducked under a bed near the stairs and attacked the hobgoblin’s feet.

In the hallway Eglath tried to make a sweeping attack but slipped on the bloody floor and fell on top of the goblin. The other goblin took a swipe at Vengorax and hit between the two pieces of armor, biting deeply. Vengorax called upon the power of Bahamet in anger and felled the foul goblin with Amber by his side digging Retribution deep into the goblin. As Eglath stood up and went to grab the goblin under him, the party heard a maniacal laugh and the goblin vanished.

Between Keira, Max, and Splug the hobgoblin was defeated and the last of the goblins took off running. Eglath and Vengorax tried to stop him and though they took two good swings that dug deep into the goblin they were unable to. They found a magical belt on one of the corpses and Max recognized it as a belt of sacrifice which they gave to Amber.
They decided to fallow the goblin and after finding the doorway he entered Keira mentioned that she had found another door that might lead to the same room. They split up again with Eglath and the other heavily armored ones going to the door that the goblin entered while Keira and the rest went to the other door.

Eglath bashed open his door to distract those in the room as Keira silently opened the opposite door. The two duergar that were in the room blocked the doorway bottling up Eglath and the group in the hallway. Luckily the others had ranged weapons they had taken off the goblins in the other room. Vengorax tried to take out one of the duergar but fired his crossbow too soon and shot Eglath in the back. Max then snuck in from the other door and attacked from the rear. Out of another room down the hall from Max came a hobgoblin warcaster. The warcaster fired off a bolt of lightning but Max was able to dodge out of the way in time. Splug snuck in to the room and started peppering the warcaster with arrows. To protect the mage one of the duergar fell back but it was no help as Max used a gift granted to him by the Raven Queen and after killing the duergar attacking Eglath he teleported behind the warcaster and used his flaming breath to scorch both him the his duergar protector.

Nemus used his healing powers to completely heal Eglath as he passed him to attack the remaining duergar calling on the shadows to weaken him. Eglath, Vengorax, and Amber came into the room at this time and ganged up on the remaining duergar and finished him. Max used a prayer to pull the warcaster into the reach of his great sword and sent the hobgoblin on his way to the Raven Queen.

A door behind Max opened and a wounded goblin came out of the other room only to meet Max’s blade. The company then looks up to see Krand the massive hobgoblin chief and leader of the Bloodreavers come out of his quarters. Krand took one look at the battle field and fled down an adjacent corridor and through the door at the end of the hall. Max chased after him as Nemus went out the doorway Eglath broke and opened a set of double doors he hoped lead to the same room Krand entered. They did. Vengorax was right behind, but as he turned into the room standing right in front of him was a massive dire wolf. Vengorax called upon his draconic heritage and shot lightning out of his mouth and missed the dire wolf but instead hit the set of chains, electrocuting the hobgoblin who happened to be cleaning them at the time. Eglath came into the room took a look at the dire wolf and asked, “Big Wolf did you come here to die at Eglath’s hands?” Splug hearing this yelled back, “Don’t kill him I can uses him to as a mount.” Eglath shifted his great axe to the blunt side and wacked it in the head a few times knocking it out cold.

One of the two remaining hobgoblins was peppering the party with arrows and Nemus charged at him. They exchanged a few hits but the hobgoblin was no match for Nemus and it easily fell to Nemus’ advances. Krand’s sword battle with Max finally came to an end as Max’ great sword dug deep into Krand’s flesh. The last hobgoblin was no match for the rest of the party and quickly fell to Amber’s and Vengorax’ blades. Keira found a chest that she easily opened and within found much gold and a magic set of chainmail which they gave to Amber as well.


Congratulations Eglath and Keira for leveling up! At your next extended rest in the Hall you can gain the bonuses. Until then think about what feat and ability score improvements you want to give them.

All the rest of your experience totals are available on the Experience wiki page.

Assault on the Chamber of Eyes

Hey good job on the write :D And I shall miss being there this Saturday. And next. I won’t be back from SC until the 29th!

Assault on the Chamber of Eyes

that should have said write up not just write. oh well.

Assault on the Chamber of Eyes

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