Company of the Bloody Boulder

Arrival at Thunderspire

A messenger arrives at Mistwatch to deliver a request from the Bahamet chapter in the Harkenwold to Vengorax requesting his assistance in the recovery of a dozen people taken by a group of slavers known as the Bloodreavers. At the same time, Amber, a young human woman fighter, comes up to Max and requests to join the Company of the Bloody Boulder. Max tells her that he will speak with the rest of the party. When Vengorax arrives at the Sink, he finds Max and tells him about the Bloodreavers. The party agrees that they need to save the poor victims. Max takes Vengorax aside and tells him that he has had a divine revelation and he will be handing the leadership of the company to Vengorax. Vengorax accepts Amber into the company and they get ready for their long trip to Fallcrest.

En route to Fallcrest the party runs into some guards from the town, there they discover that the Lord Warden is expanding his sphere of influence to keep the monsters at bay and the citizens safe. They also find out exactly where the Thunderspire Mountain is and head towards there. After a few more days they arrive and find a very foreboding image. The entrance to a cave in the mountain was a fifty foot tall archway flanked by two towering Minotaur statues. To make things worse once they enter the archway they discover that they must go down a creepy passageway with a total of seventy-seven statues of demons holding lanterns that shed a green light on the corridor.

While wandering through the hall they hear voices in a room up ahead of them. One of the voices is definitely a slaver and the other voice appears to be his victim. The group decides to sneak up to them but when the slaver tells his victim that they could get at least ten gold for the Halfling victim, and the victim responds that he is “at least worth 20” and that he would buy himself, Eglath lets out a hearty laugh at the joke, killing their surprise.

The battle begins with Vengorax attacking the closest hobgoblin, taking a nice chunk out of him. Keira followed up by sticking two daggers into him from the hallway. The hobgobs try to gang up on Vengorax but Eglath comes in and uses his great axe to finish off the first hobgob. Splug then starts pelting the other hobgobs with his daggers from the doorway. Luckily for the party the hobgoblin warcaster has bad eye sight, because the only thing he can hit with his lightning bolt is the wooden door. When Max enters the fray he uses his goddess’s power to drag one of the hobgobs to him, giving both Vengorax and Eglath the ability to take him down. Amber then comes in swinging Vengeance and Retribution, her long sword and short sword, and attacks the strongest looking of all the hobgoblins. Unfortunately for her he is not only strong but quite agile and he is able to block or dodge away from all of her attacks. Nemus goes to help her but leaves himself open for an attack from a different hobgob but Vengorax is able to prevent this by sticking his sunsword into the armpit of the hobgob and piercing his lung and heart. The warcaster tries to take the out the cleric and uses his power to push Nemus into a wal,l knocking him to the ground.

Max tries to use a teleportation attack to get at one of the remaining hobs and the warcaster at the same time, but mutters the wrong word and ends up under a table while his great sword materializes sticking out of a barrel. Max then gets up and pushes the table into the warcaster, knocking him into Vengorax who uses his sunsword to stab him in the back. With the warcaster dead, Eglath, Max, and Vengorax finish off the other two hobgobs and rescue the Halfling who introduces himself as Randil.

Randil thanks them for their timely arrival and offers them a drink at his aunt’s inn, the Halfmoon Inn in the Seven-Pillared Hall. At the inn Randil’s aunt, Erra Halfmoon, feeds and wateres them as thanks for saving her nephew from the slavers. They inquire to the location of the Bloodreavers hide out and find it is in the Chamber of Eyes east of the Seven-Pillared Hall. In the morning they set out Gendar’s Curios and Relics after finding out that he is the person to talk to if information is what you are after.

On the way to Gendar’s they run into Brugg, the ogre in charge of security in the Hall. Brugg and Eglath have a pissing match that ends up involving the Ordinator Arcanis, one of the ruling Mages of Saruun. Max and Vengorax are able to calm things down and the Ordinator Arcanis warns them to keep their pet, Eglath, on his leash or they will regret it. They then arrive at Gendar’s and in trade for the information about the Chamber of Eyes he requests that they find an ancient skull scepter for him.

With the knowledge they head out into the labyrinth. They are able to find the runes that make the path but get lost after missing a turn and find a gelatinous cube. Max and Keira with their magic weapons go into the front and attack the cube. Vengorax tries to attack the cube with his crossbow but the memory of being inside one of them makes his hands unsteady and he is unable to hit it. Max calls upon his goddesses might and is able to hack it into small pieces with his great sword. Inside they find a magic long sword that they give to Amber and a belt pouch made out of black dragon hide that contains some gold and silver.


Congratulations Vengorax for leveling up! At your next extended rest in the Hall you can gain the bonuses. Until then think about what feat and utility power you want to give him.

All the rest of your experience totals are available on the Experience wiki page.

Arrival at Thunderspire

I made a few minor changes :) You switched tense a few times, but it was mostly present tense so I changed all the past tense verbs to present tense. Otherwise it was good :D
Had fun and look forward to next week!
Amber The No Hit Wonder looks forward to it as well haha

Arrival at Thunderspire

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